09 February 2018

Published by: Close Finance

We're recruiting in Guernsey!

We're looking for a Client Relationship Manager in Guernsey to report to our Sales Manager. Could you be that person? Read on for more information...

Purpose of the role: To maximise the amount of profitable new business generated from intermediaries and your own portfolio of clients, in the Channel Islands. To be achieved through proactive businessdevelopment; dedicated sales activity and the provision of high levels of customer service. Each Client Relationship Manager (CRM) will be responsible for assisting in the management and retention of our broker partners and direct customers in Guernsey. To be successful in this exciting role, you must be a self-motivated sales led individual with excellent planning and organisational skills. You need to be a good communicator with strong influencing skills encouraging clients to maximise finance referrals, retain and manage your own client base and be their number one finance provider of choice.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide Relationship Management support to our partners and database of clients.
  • Achieve monthly sales targets and contribute to monthly sales team results. 
  • Identify new potential clients/introducers. 
  • Maximise all networking opportunities and identify all cross-selling opportunities. 
  • Liaise with the CFCI marketing partner to maximise all campaign and promotional opportunities.
  • Assist clients in the proposal process. 
  • Propose deals to Sales Support and assist Sales Support & Underwriting.
  • Update all relevant internal daily; weekly; & monthly sales reports as required.
  • Manage and complete both business and personal administration within given timescales.
  • Ensure full up to date knowledge of competitor activity is maintained. 
  • Assist in identifying new product opportunities; new client services; sales &marketing initiatives.  
  • Ensure the awareness of CFCI in the market and continue to deliver the good name and reputation of CFCI in the Channel Islands.
  • You will be expected to work the required contracted hours and on occasion additional hours as and when required to achieve success in the role.

Essential Skills & Experience:

  • Proven track record in sales. 
  • Strong communication skills. 
  • Good presentation skills
  • Decent IT awareness / computer literate.
  • Good numeracy kills
  •  Ability to work without supervision.
  • Full valid driving licence. 
  • Ability to motivate and influence people.
  • Ability to work within a team.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure.


  • Sales experience in Finance Sector. 
  • Experience of delivering coaching & training sessions.
  •  Experience of holding sales review meetings.


Working with People 

Demonstrates an interest in an understanding of others;adapts to the team and builds team spirit; recognises and rewards the contribution of others; listens, consults othersand communicates proactively; supports and cares for others; develops and openly communicates self-insight.

Relating and Networking 

Establishes good relationships with customers/clients(internal & external) and staff; builds wide and effectivenetworks of contacts inside and outside the organisation; relates well to people at all levels; manages conflict; uses humour appropriately to enhance relationships with others.

Persuading and Influencing 

Makes a strong personal impression on others; gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading,convincing and negotiating; promotes ideas on behalf of selfor others; makes effective use of political processes toinfluence and persuade others.

Planning & Organising 

Sets clearly defined objectives; plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changingcircumstances; manages time effectively; identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; monitorsperformance against deadlines and milestones. 

Delivering & Meeting Customer Expectations

Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction; sets high standards for quality and quantity; monitors and maintains quality and productivity; works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way; consistently achieves project goals.

Following Instructions & Procedures

Appropriately follows instructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority; follows procedures and policies; keeps to schedules; arrives punctually for work andmeetings; demonstrates commitment to the organisation;complies with legal obligations and safety requirements ofthe role.

Customer Orientation 

Always ready to go the “extra mile” for clients/customers (Internal & External). Actively demonstrates a pride in, andan enthusiasm for meeting client needs. Spots opportunitiesto increase service levels. Adapts a flexible approach whenrequired. Builds rapport with client/customers. Thoroughly investigates all client/customer issue before resolving effectively and appropriately.

Package includes

  • Competitive salary
  • Health and dental plan
  • Pension scheme
  • Occasional travel inter island
  • Share save scheme
  • Socials

If you'd like to find out more or apply for the role, please go to: https://closebrothers.current-vacancies.com/Jobs/Advert/1150592?cid=1616