How does it work?

You could earn yourself and your friend a £50 voucher for Liberation Group by referring them to us via our online application form. The reward is subject to your introduction resulting in an approved loan, you must both live in Jersey or Guernsey and be over 18 years of age plus you must have your friends' consent to refer them ahead of doing so. For full T&Cs click here.

Follow the simple steps below to get the ball rolling…

Step 1

Fill out the details on the form below and you will both receive a confirmation by email.

Step 2

A member of the Close Finance CI team will contact your friend or they can apply online.

Step 3

Should the loan application result in an approved loan you will both receive your reward via email.

Who is eligible?

The offer is only open to residents of Jersey or Guernsey who are above 18 years of age.
The referee is not a current prospective customer and is approved for a minimum loan value of £3,500.
The referrer is a current or previous customer.
Employees of Close Finance CI Limited are not eligible for this offer.

What is the reward?

£50 voucher for Liberation Group for both the referee and the referrer.
There is no cash reward alternative.

When will we receive the reward?

Vouchers will be payable 60 days following the pay out of a new customer Close Finance Personal Loan or Asset Finance deal.

•Terms and conditions apply

Your contact details

Your friends contact details

If you refer a business or individual to us then you should not do so without their agreement.

Please confirm that you have received the business or individual's consent to them being referred.

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