Our customer charter

In today’s economic climate we understand that customers want stability and reliability. Rather than worrying about debt our customers need advice and support. As the market leader for personal loans and business loans in Jersey and Guernsey, we’re committed to responsible lending.

Customer Charter
At Close Finance we promise to:

1. Give honest and straightforward help

We won’t lend money that you will struggle to repay. We’ll assess your circumstances to calculate what you can comfortably afford.

2. Make decisions quickly

We know that the Channel Islands are unique so we ensure the decision to lend will be taken on the island, not in the UK.

3. Provide you with friendly, prompt and professional service

We always aim to be consistent and to make our decisions quickly, based on our knowledge of you.

4. Deliver clear solutions

We want you to make the right choice, so we'll keep all our solutions and charges clear and simple.

5. Offer all our customers free and confidential consultations

We want to make sure that the finance we offer is both affordable to you and good value which is why we'll talk you through your options.

6. Endeavour to put things right

We always aim to ensure that complaints are dealt with consistently and promptly. Contact us directly and let us know what we can do better.

7. Be a company you can trust

We always aim to act fairly. If you get into difficulty with repayments, we will always work with you to help resolve the situation.

Our people

The success of our business relies on the quality of our people. Our team of specialists have a wealth of experience in finance and lending, which ensures we continue to deliver the high standards of service.

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